It's hard to believe after months of talking about it but Country Thunder is this week!

Are you all set for it?

Here's a list of things you need to take to any music festival, especially to Country Thunder.

I found this article on Ebay that list a lot of things you need to make sure you take with you to Country Thunder, especially if you're camping.

These items are not only practical but fairly inexpensive as well.

Bandanas - Perfect to tie your hair back with or to generally keep your head shaded or sweat away. Yes it'll be hot at Country Thunder, it always is.

Trail Mix - Perfect snack that can fill you up especially if you're saving your pennies to purchase beer and other tasty items or souvenirs.

Stomach Aids and relief - If you're going to be partying, drinking and dancing and eating junk you'll need these or someone else in your group will.

Rain Boot - I have a pair. Never hurts to have on hand for those rainy days unless you like mud squishing between your toes.

Wet Wipes - If your camping and there isn't a shower or the lines are way too long, wet wipes and body clothes really do the trick to keep you smelling clean.

Dry Shampoo - Again if you're camping this can come in handy.

Sunscreen - Yeah that's always a goo idea when your out in the sun all day long.

Tarps - Again if you're camping this comes in handy to protect your tent and awesome to use when sitting in the lawn to see Dierks Bentley, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan  take to the main stage!

Canvas Sneakers or Breathable Sandals - can't go wrong with either of those shoes. The sneakers are washable. Toss them in the wash when you get home or the sandals well your feet will breathe but still be protected over flip flops.

Portable Phone Chargers - You'll need this for sure because you will be texting, tweeting, and posting pictures to Facebook. That can seriously drain your phone. Get one.

If you saying that's great Susan, but I haven't any tickets to go.

Well, we have one more chance, your last chance to win tickets to go Country Thunder. We have pairs of individual day tickets and a few pairs of four day passes. Now did I get your attention?

All you have to do is join Shannon Zimmerman this Wednesday in Oregon at Kunes Country Auto Group, 601 Gale Street, from 11:30 am - 1:30 pm to enter to win Country Thunder tickets.

Oh and by the way you stay for lunch. Kunes Country Auto Group will be providing a tasty little meal.

Soooo, are you up for a cool little road trip?

See ya Wednesday!

Good Luck!






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