There's a new trend for going green for bathrooms.

I wonder, is Rockford is ready for this trend?

This trend I just can't. It grosses me out to tell you this but I have to.

Are you ready for it?

Reusable Toilet Paper.

Yes, it's a real thing called "Family Cloths".

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth just saying that.

Family cloths, a.k.a. reusable toilet paper, are just what you think it is. Cloths that are used to wipe your bits after using the restroom, that are then washed and reused.

Ick! I know right.

I came across this article from that talked about the need to "reduce, reuse,recycle” [as an] approach to eco-friendly living" by cutting down on waste with actual toilet paper and using "Family Cloths".

There's actually a company that sells on Esty, called Remiusables, that makes reusables cloths for just about everything. Things to replace paper towels, coffee filters, make up rounds or squares, sponges, etc.. of and of course toilet paper.

The toilet paper can be snapped together and rolled up just like normal toilet paper the only thing is you don't flush it. You toss it in the wash.

Here's what it looks like.



Ok, is your stomach turning upside down at the thought. I know me too.

As for how you use them, well of course going to the bathroom but families asked through the BuzzFeed and Yahoo articles said that the cloths are used for when you go #1. Some for #2, but mostly just for #1.

Yucky... I'm sorry I just can't with this.

I'm all for recycling, going green and trying to take care of the planet. However, I draw the line in reusable toilet paper.

Nope not me.

How about you?






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