An Illinois school just announced its closure last night during a school board meeting.

I can just see kids jumping for joy,  but it's not the kind of closure that parents want or honestly, the kids will want either.

WGN reports that the decision to close Fox Ridge Elementary in St. Charles, about an hour from Rockford, isn't going to be a few days because of the flu or something of that nature. The closure will be permanent because of low enrollment.

"The school board in District 303 made the decision Monday" to close the school permanently. 

Apparently, this idea to "repurpose" Fox Elementary and another school Lincoln was brought up last month. The board rejected it then. However Monday, they changed their mind."Now, 700 Fox Ridge students will have to move to other schools." 

That's honestly the sad part. Children will now be separated from their friends at Fox Ridge to be enrolled into another school in the area. Teachers in a sense will now be on the unemployment line looking for another job.

The only good thing to come from this is that at least the school will not sit vacant on a lot. When the school closes on the last day of classes the plans are to turn it into an "early childhood center."

I hope the same fate doesn't fall to Lincoln Elementary in St. Charles as well.

I feel for the teachers, the parents and the kids.



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