If you love fried chicken, the best you'll ever eat is just 30 minutes South of Rockford.

Only in Your State discovered the jewel of fried chicken in a little restaurant in Rochelle, IL.

Country School has a thing or two teach you about fried chicken. All the locals know it's the best place to go for that crispy, crunchy poultry.

I have to agree it is good. It's not just because I've had it at several different family get together, but also because yours truly worked there once.

It was my first part-time job out of high school that helped pay my college tuition,books and bills.

Not only does Country School offer delicious chicken, but they also have tasty burgers, crinkle cut fries, perch, and what's new to me since working there many moons ago gyros, Italian beef, seafood like shrimp and cod.

The favorite of all next to their fried chicken is their hard packed ice cream.

They have over 16 different flavors. Wow! That's more than what they had when I worked there.

By the way the best, and my personal favorite, was their peppermint. Man, my Grandma would buy theirs by the pint.

Plus, I just found out they serve breakfast now. Biscuits and gravy. Mmmm... They didn't serve  that when worked there as a 17 year old.

To see more of their delicious food, visit their website at countryschoolrochelle.com or their Facebook page Country School Restaurant.

Better yet just take a short drive down I-39 or 251 and grab some grub. You can dine in, carry out or swing through their drive thru.

I wonder if their drive through still has the push button to ring when your ready to order.

Looks like I need to take a trip and go find out.




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