When it comes down to how much you have to shell out for a game which NFL team is more expensive to see a game at? The Bears? The Packers? Who?

Look attending a game at Lambeau or Soldier field is a big deal any time you go.

The experience alone is priceless.

Yet when it comes down to paying for that experience which NFL team is the most expensive?

According to the Chicago Sun Timesa study was done through ValuePenguin looking at all 32 NFL teams taking into "consideration the cost of tickets, parking and food in relation to median income in the team’s geographic area."

The found that both the Bears and Packers round out the top 5 of the most expensive to attend. However, between the two, guess which team is at the top of the most expensive?

If you said Packers you're wrong it's the Bears. They take the #1 spot in being the most expensive.

On average for 3 people to attend a Bears game at Soldier Field that includes the tickets, "[paying] for parking and [having] three hot dogs, two beers and a soda would cost an average of $483.20." That means you would have to work 16.3 hours to pay for that.

Now, if 3 people attend a game at Lambeau Field bases on those same factors it will cost $362.16. A person would have to work 14.1 hours to cover the cost.

Wow! The Bears are the most expensive but their playing lately stinks. Just goes to show how loyal the fans are right?

The most expensive teams to see games are:

1. Chicago Bears

2. Dallas Cowboys

3. New Orleans Saints

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

5. Green Bay Packers

The least expensive and most affordable are:

1. Oakland Raiders

2. Los Angeles Rams

3. Minnesota Vikings

4. Seattle Seahawks

5. Tennessee Titans

To see the study and the team rankings in costs and more, click here.



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