Something that's a cross between a bat and a human has been spotted here in Illinois.

Is it Batman? Is he real? AND... could it be that he is living in northern Illinois?

Singular Fortean Society has gathered over 17 reports that have been made about a bat-like creature with human like features that's been spotted flying over the city of Chicago.

It was sighted twice in 2011. The first was when a winged like creature with glowing eyes was caught looking in a window of two roommates and their friends. They happened to capture it with a picture.

Now fast forward to 2017.

The next reported sighting was earlier this year. On March 22nd a semi-driver saw it when driving down the Chicago Expressway.  The odd thing about this sighting is that the driver has suffered unexplained illness since seeing it.

This creature or being, whatever you want to call it, has been spotted by every day people at least another 10 times in and around the Chicago area, with the last on June 24th. A Man saw a insect-like flying humanoid take flight from the top of the Willis Tower. (To see the entire timeline of reported appearances click here.)

Here's a a map of every sighting that's been reported.


What's interesting about this life form, besides being spotted in Chicago, is that all who have seen it have described it with fairly similar details: it flies, has glowing eyes, it's dark black in color and has bat and human features.

Wow! Sounds to me like they're describing Batman, doesn't it?

Forget Gotham City, I think it's Batman hanging out in the Windy City.

Maybe Batman needed a new city to fight crime and clean up.

Lord knows we need it there and here in Rockford too!

Maybe, once he's finished here, he can swoop down over Springfield and do some major cleanup there as well! Our whole state for that fact could use his help.

Warner Bros. Pictures; YouTube
Warner Bros. Pictures; YouTube






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