You may have recently gotten money from a class-action settlement from Instagram which paid $68 Million to Illinois residents because of privacy violations under the state's Biometric Privacy Act.

Google paid out $100 Million, TikTok was hit with $92 Million, and Snapchat was fined $35 Million, according to LegalDive.

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If you previously owned an old iPhone, there's another chance to get some money from a class-action lawsuit that has nothing to do with the Biometric Privacy Act, but you're almost out of time.


According to the details from, the Tabak, et al. v. Apple Inc. lawsuit has to do with certain audio issues that are related to the “audio IC” chip. Apple has denied any wrongdoing and says the devices never had these issues.

Who is Eligible To Receive Money in the iPhone Settlement?

According to the settlement website, here are the eligible consumers who can file a claim to receive a portion of the $35 million settlement:

An email or postcard was sent to residents who "may be a member of the Settlement Class." In the email and on the postcard there's a Notice ID and Confirmation Code that will be needed to submit your claim.

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When you have that information, enter all the information by clicking HERE.

The deadline to opt-in for the settlement with Apple is this Monday, June 3, 2024, at Midnight.

How Much Money Can You Get From a Claim?

According to SFGate, those who "paid Apple to repair or replace their iPhone’s sound issues, will be eligible for up to $349, and no less than $50.

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