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Maybe to those that live in the country, this isn't anything new? But as I read this story at WREX I just couldn't help but think how 2020 this sounds.

"Like a pack of wild dogs," gets used in many aspects of life...but this apparently is a real "pack of wild dogs."  According to this story there was a pack of three dogs in Stephenson County that have been on the loose, and killing ponies. This is crazy to me! The Stephenson County Sheriff's Office says three dogs were captured on McConnell Road in the nearby county.

Stephenson County Animal Control has in fact captured the horse killing dogs, and there is no word on if these dogs have owners. If this doesn't wrap on October 2020 in a creepy, insane, bizarre way...Imagine the horror of this discovery, wow.

Will this news story have a part two? Can we end all of the messed up 2020 crap with this? Let's just stop HERE, please and thank you.

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