When you get outside to begin that spring clean-up in your yard soon, PLEASE keep an eye out for these three very important things.

Spring Is Almost Here

In case you didn't know, today, March 1, is the first day of Meteorological Spring. Sure, "real" Spring hasn't quite arrived yet, but this is one sure sign that is close!

Normally, I really enjoy the warmer days, green grass, and sprouting flowers that the spring season brings, but last year I got dealt a pretty nasty reminder that it's important to look for certain things in your yard each spring too. (Especially if you are an animal lover like me!)

Without getting into the whole, gruesome tale, (you can read about it here), I'll just show you this picture from when my dogs found a rabbit's nest in our yard last year...

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Yes, that is a poor baby bunny hanging out of my dog's mouth, and it lost its life because I neglected to check our yard for rabbit nests.

Here's a reminder of what those nests look like so you don't have to learn the hard way as I did.

Photo by Maddy Hunt on Unsplash
Photo by Maddy Hunt on Unsplash

More Things You Need to Look For In Your Yard Each Spring

Rabbit nests aren't the only thing you need to look for in your yard each Spring, squirrel nests and finding abandoned baby animals can be a regular problem too.

Here's an important reminder from Hoo Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in Durand, Illinois...

Now that we know what we need to do to protect wildlife babies in the spring, here are some simple spring yard care tips you should check out too from thespruce.com.

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