Have you ever heard of anyone who took an at home COVID test and had it come back positive? 

Let me start my whole wonder by telling you I'm not a doctor and I did not ask any doctors opinions on this subject, I'm just wondering from one non-doctor to another (unless of course you're a doctor reading this...) has anyone you know ever tested positive for COVID with an at home test?
Once upon a time, it seems like forever ago and also yesterday, I tested positive for COVID literally the week the world shut down.

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I was sent to the middle of nowhere on the West side of Rockford to go to an outdoor COVID test station where I was told to wait in my car until someone allowed to to come out and see the nurses.

Before I even went to see the doctor I knew I had COVID. Every day I had a new symptom that coincided with what was coming out in the news. Severe headache day one? Yep. Insane sweating on day two? Yep, had that too. Joints hurting like someone was using a machine to twist my hips..... followed by loss of smell and extreme exhaustion.


I mean sure I needed the test, but I didn't need the test if you know what I mean.

These days thanks to the virus morphing and many people choosing to get vaccinated, the virus isn't quite as easy to pick out, so a lot of people are turning to at home COVID tests.

But do you know anyone who's actually gotten a 'positive' result?

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I recently had to get tested for COVID and tested negative and a few days later felt like I should be tested again. I couldn't find a place to go so I grabbed an at home test and figured I'd see what this was all about.

After finally understanding what to do with the BinaxNOW test, it ended in a negative result and I started asking friends and family if they've used one before.

Every single person who said that they used the at home test also said that the test came back negative.

So I'm confused... has anyone gotten a 'positive' result from an at home test?

According to NBC 4 in New York, I'm not the only one wondering what's the deal with these at home tests.

In their article they quote the FDA saying, 'all tests can experience false negative and false positive results.'

Some doctors say that if you have symptoms the at home test is a good test but that even if you're negative you should be cautious.

Then there are a lot of people out there saying to go get another test too... so I sit here still confused, mostly I'm looking to hear the stories from the positive at-homers, are you out there?

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