Masks in school for many students across Illinois became a matter of choice on Monday. As exciting as that news is, my family is torn. What about your house?

Masks are no longer required at school

That kind of headline is something to celebrate for sure, but I'm...

"cautiously optimistic."

Dr. Bill Renk (pediatrician, UW Health), I couldn't agree with you more.

Young Man in High School Computer Lab

Do you agree with the new 'masks optional' policy in Illinois schools?

I have three kids still in school, but now only one of them is free of the mask. Our youngest, who is still required to wear one doesn't know a classroom without masks.

Required or not, this really should've been an 'all or nothing' policy change, if that was at all possible. Either keep the requirement, or drop it at ALL schools.

Drazen Zigic
Drazen Zigic

Dear young people who now can choose if they want to wear a mask,

I had some concern this morning for you whose families made a decision to keep wearing a mask. I am concerned that your family (and most importantly, YOU) may be subject to disrespectful treatment.

The mask wearing has pretty much wiped out the cold and flu virus in schools, as Dr. Renk said on The Steve Shannon Show (video below). With fewer wearing masks, the cold and flu cases could see a big spike. He warned of the nightmare that would cause with all the required testing needed and missed school days.

Group of children with face mask back at school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown.

If you and your family are happy to be free of that mask at school (as you should be), remember that another family made a choice to do what they think is best. There is NEVER only one good idea, there can be several.

Enjoy your day at school searching for good ideas because the world could always use more.

On this 'masks optional' thing — I think always being kind is good idea


Steve Shannon

In the video below, hear a few things Dr. Renk shared on the show that are important to think about.

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