When it comes to pets, regular dogs and cats are just not enough for people these days I guess. From adopted Raccoons and squirrels, to spider monkeys, Boa constrictors and even wild and exotic animals and the list seems to be growing. But when you try to turn a wild animal into a pet scary things can happen, especially if you're not prepared. Last week I saw some videos about a family that adopts foxes, those cute little foxes have pretty much ruined their home a bite a few of their friends in the process.

Some animals aren't meant to be pets. We've all heard the horror stories of a pet chimpanzee attacking someone or a big cat that escapes it's owners yard. According to FoxNews.com, this story hits a little closer to home. In Bloomington, A woman and her child were mauled by a Caracal, a large exotic cat and in turn ended up being hospitalized. Caracal's are often compare to the Lynx. Although they look cute, Caracal's can get to over 40 pounds in weight. Normally they are very cautious of humans but not in this case.

The cat reportedly escaped from a nearby home and when it was cornered by animal control it lunged at them so it had to be put down. People got hurt and an animal lost its life due to someone that just wanted to have a pet that was different from everyone else's. The mother and child were not identified in the story as of yet.

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