Air quality around the Rockford region has consistently been in the very unhealthy to dangerous range over the past few days, so we've got some tips and guidance to keep the dirty air from hitting your lungs.

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According to Accuweather, when air quality is in the VERY Unhealthy range, here are the risks:

Health effects will be immediately felt by sensitive groups and should avoid outdoor activity. Healthy individuals are likely to experience difficulty breathing and throat irritation; consider staying indoors and rescheduling outdoor activities.

Here's When to Turn On the Air Recirculation Button On

During the HOT summer months, turn the air recirculation button on because it "ensures your AC works to the optimum level, allowing your vehicle to get as cold as possible as quickly as possible," according to Eden Tyres.

When air quality is VERY UNHEALTHY, turn on air recirculation to "stop pollution, smells, and pollen from entering your cabin."

Some other benefits of using air recirculation, according to Eden Tires:

  • It helps keep your air-filter cleaner for longer
  • It reduces strain on your AC system
  • It helps reduce fuel consumption by assisting the AC system

Here are 3 reasons you SHOULD have air recirculation turned on:

  • When using AC
  • In summer & hot weather
  • In dense traffic to stop pollution from entering the cabin

You don't want to use air recirculation in the cold, winter months as a general rule. According to Eden Tyre, there are "some drivers think it makes sense to not have “all that cold air coming in” if they are using heaters in winter. However, in reality, it’s best to keep it switched off."

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