According to the latest air quality reading just after 11 pm on Tuesday night, levels of particulates in the air can result in "serious health issues" for all residents.

Where Can You Check the Latest Air Quality For Your Area?

There are several different sources for updated air quality, but one of the reliable resources that provide frequent updates is Accuweather.

Levels of air quality start at Excellent for an average AQI (Air Quality Index) of 0 to 19, Fair for 20 to 49, Poor for 50 to 99, from 100 to 149 is Unhealthy, then from 150 to 249 is Very Unhealthy before you get to Dangerous for anything that is above 250 AQI.

Rockford and Chicagoland Air Quality Reaches 'Dangerous' Level

Just before midnight, a reading of 252 AQI was reported in Rockford by Accuweather, and forecasted air quality would be right on the border of Very Unhealthy and Dangerous through Wednesday (6/28).

According to the air quality scale, when air quality surpasses 250 AQI and reaches Dangerous levels, "any exposure to the air, even for a few minutes, can lead to serious health effects on everybody. Avoid outdoor activities."

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