Are you sick of political advertisements popping up everywhere? TV, radio, audio/video streaming devices, and even social media and websites are flooded with them. I can't confirm the rules for streaming services but if it's anything like television and radio there's no escaping it.

Did you know TV and radio stations can not refuse the airing of political advertisements during election season? This is 100% accurate. Did you also know that TV anchors, reporters, and the personalities on the radio have nothing to do with the scheduling of political ads? (Keep this in mind before contacting them directly to complain about future circumstances.)

Regardless of who we're voting for I think most of us can agree the political ads can go away now.


"When will it end?!" - Everyone

Election day is here, we know that. This means there is an end in sight. (Cue: sighs of relief.) This doesn't mean the political advertisements are done for the day. We could only be so lucky. If the vast majority weren't on the same page about this TV stations wouldn't be acknowledging it.

Last week, a Wisconsin TV station ran a promotional video letting viewers know they were on a political ad/dance break. Not a bad idea and totally relatable.

A television station in Rockford, Illinois chose a different direction. Instead of following airing a fun promo vid, they opted to drop a note on their social media platforms. Their message was simple, the end of political ads is in sight, at least until the next election season.

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