Imagine walking through the store you frequent the most, in this case, Target, and catching a glimpse of a toy that has an incredibly uncanny resemblance to you. Would you buy the toy to show to your family and friends? Would you buy all of them? Or would you run like hell?

(Truthfully, I'd buy at least a few and give them away as gag gifts, but that's just me.)

Credit: fourzerofive via eBay

His name is Nick McGill and he's currently a reporter for FOX59 and CBS4Indy in Indianapolis. According to his website, he worked at Rockford's ABC affiliate, WTVO, as a reporter and fill-in anchor from July 2012-January 2013.

I don't know they exact details of how this former Rockford television news reporter got his hands on the figure that resembles those above but I do know he sure had fun with it.

Credit: Nick McGill, Facebook

McGill shared the toy along with a photo of himself for comparative purposes, the resemblance is nothing short of uncanny. Don't believe me, see for yourself.

You're absolutely right, Nick. But it's Fisher Price that owes you some sort of cash flow, not Target.


I don't know how to go about getting your own version of a Fisher Price Little Person but I do there's a way to get your very own life-like action figure. Not only can you get your own custom made figure, you can also design the package for your figure. It sounds cool but it isn't cheap though, it'll run your at least $100. Find more info here.

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