When a list of places comes out featuring New Orleans, Salem, and Transylvania, you don't expect to see a town in Illinois on there too.

Jobseekers Audition For The Role Of Wookey Hole's Resident Witch
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So as I was flipping through Travel Curator's Spooky Towns to Visit This Halloween, I wasn't surprised to see towns with some serious Halloween vibes.

Travel Curator:

In the spooky spirit of Halloween and its storied history steeped in ghosts, ghouls, and witchcraft, we looked to the traditions, festivals, travel experiences, and destinations that incite a little mystery and fantasy.

Gilles Glod

You can't go wrong by including the town where the Salem Witch Trials were held, or Dracula's hometown but Chicago? I guess I never considered Chicago a "spooky travel experience."

Chicago’s tainted past – fires, serial killers, and deep-rooted mob history – has fuelled its reputation as one of the spookiest cities to visit on Halloween.

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When you put it that way, Travel Curator, now I know what you're getting at.

The main creep they're really profiling though in Chicago is the Holmes Murder Castle.

Apparently, the Holmes Murder Castle was the house of H.H. Holmes, who History.com refers to as "America's first documented serial killer."


While reports suggest Holmes killed as many as 200 people in his sinister lair, his actual number of victims may have been much lower. The number of his victims is still debated by historians.

Besides Chicago, Salem, Massachusetts, and Transylvania, Romania, Travel Curator fills out their list with mentions of Sleepy Hollow, New York, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Edinburgh, Scotland.

That's heckin good creepy company Chicago is keeping. Based on that evidence, it's hard to disagree with the Windy City being one of the best for a spooky travel experience this Halloween.

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