There are certain lists you want to be on the top. This is a list that Illinois doesn't want to be high on, but once again we are right there. 

Out of all the seasons, I dislike Winter the most. Unless you are a fan of chapped lips, cracked skin and cold feet from walking in a foot of snow, there is no reason to be a fan of the weather in Winter.

Where would you think Illinois would rank when it comes to being miserable during the Winter? I would think places like Minnesota and Michigan would be worse, but there are many factors that go into determining the worst state to live in during the Winter months. has compiled all sorts of details and came out with a list of the worst states for Winter. The ranking for Illinois is surprising, as they came in 13th place.

Here is what the website says about Illinois:

"Chicago winters are notoriously rough, but the people there have the kind of warm and generous spirit that leads to displays of solidarity like... fighting over whether or not a pair of plastic lawn chairs constitutes indefinite rights to a shoveled out parking place post-snowfall. Downstate things tend not to be quite as bad, other than, you know, the fact that you’re in downstate Illinois. Keeping Illinois from an even worse ranking: most of the time the state’s pretty on-point as far as snow removal goes, and everyone’s pretty good at drinking enough during Hawks games that they forget about whatever recent trouble Patrick Kane's gotten into." 

At least we came lower than Wisconsin. They put it at number seven. Number one on the list was Minnesota and the best state to be in during the Winter is Hawaii.

Anyone want to chip in for a one way flight to Honolulu?


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