The man who brought us the best beef sandwich in town has put his Addison home up for sale. Wait until you see inside!

When Portillo's opened up in Rockford the lines to the restaurant were outrageous. It's been over a year since it's been open and the lines are still outrageous.

What can I say? The guy makes a great beef sandwich, burger and hot dogs! Don't get me started on the chocolate cake! Have mercy it's good!

I've spent a fair share of my life waiting in line for my food. Anyone who has waited inside for their meal has seen Dick Portillo's face.

Lined around the pick up window are autographed photos of Dick and celebrities. The man is a food legend.

I always wondered what life was like for the Hot Dog King. Where did all of my hard earned money go after it was used to pay for all of those Beef and Cheddar Croissants? Well, it probably went to his beautiful Addison home, which he is selling.

Dick Portillo's house is quite, uh... interesting? The tiki bar and 'rock bathroom' aren't really my style, but an indoor pool sure is nice!


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