This is the final year for Illinois' top-rated haunted house.

Haunted Houses Are Great Halloween Fun

If you are looking for a fun Halloween tradition, I would suggest hitting up some haunted houses. They still scare the heck out of me but I love it.

Photo Provided By Statesville Haunted Prison

My fondness for them started with my first visit to Disneyland as a kid and going on the Haunted Mansion ride. I have been a fan ever since. The places I visit now are a lot different.

Photo Provided By Statesville Haunted Prison

Searching Out The Best Haunted Houses

Since those early days, I have always tried to find the scariest haunted houses to check out during Halloween. Luckily, here in Illinois, there are many good ones. Most of them are worth taking a short road trip for the experience.

Photo Provided By Statesville Haunted Prison

Of course, once you arrive there is definitely going to be a line to get in. Unfortunately, for one of the best in the state, this Halloween will be its last run.

Photo Provided By Statesville Haunted Prison

Top-Rated Haunted House In Illinois Announces Final Halloween Season

Photo Provided By Statesville Haunted Prison

According to,

"After 25 glorious years of terror, Statesville Haunted Prison is closing the cell block!


"For the Final Fear, Statesville Haunted Prison and Zombie Army Productions is bringing 30 rooms of horrifying creatures and convicts to make Chicagoland scream!"


"Don’t miss your chance to visit the legend, Feed the Beast and be a part of history!"

Some of the honors that this iconic haunt has received...

  • Haunted House Chicago - numerous #1 rankings
  • The Scare Factor - Top 10 in the United States
  • Travel Channel’s “Halloween Craziest”

If you are a fan of haunted houses, you do not want to miss out on this legendary place before they close its doors for good.

Photo Provided By Statesville Haunted Prison

For tickets and more information, HERE.

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