One Illinois teen proved she has her priorities in the right place when she chose Garth Brooks over going to prom Saturday night in Champaign, but it's what happened next that makes this story so awesome.

In case you didn't know, I SUPER LOVE Garth Brooks. He is the artist that made me fall in love with Country music when I was a pimple-faced middle schooler, and my love for him has never strayed since. (I even named one of my dogs Brooks in his honor). He is one of the most genuine artists in this genre, who REALLY cares about his fans and Country radio who support him. I tell you all of this, because Garth proved once again how awesome he is this past weekend in Champaign.

I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday, when I came across this on Garth's page:

I automatically thought, "this is one SMART girl", and of course I needed to know more. This girl's name is Kate, and she was all dolled up with her sign accessory at Garth's 2 p.m. show on Saturday. It's no surprise that she caught Garth's attention, and after a brief chat from the stage, Garth made her a promposal that was impossible to refuse.

Here's how it all went down....

Aww man, how sweet! Garth you rock, and Kate, I'm jealous because your prom story is WAY better than mine ever had a chance to be.


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