I'm sure cops get all kinda of excuses when they pull over a drunk driver. There was the Wisconsin man that blamed it on the "beer battered fish fry," it's all so legit. Hell yes, I ate so much fish I'm hammered!!!

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Here's one that doesn't make sense, and it ends with a car in a ditch. HuffPost

Christina Ornelas was missing a front tire when she was arrested, AND her car was in a ditch...oh, and she was loaded. It wasn't beer battered fish, it was pounding booze because she was upset with her boyfriend.


Now, that "could be understandable." You get into an argument with a significant other, you have a drink and things spin out of control. O.K. so far it's an "excuse" but it doesn't defend driving hammered of course.



What in the world could they be fighting about? What would get Christina SOOOO upset that she drank and drank and drove. Maybe he said something mean, maybe she caught him doing something he shouldn't be.

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Maybe she was super excited about seeing a movie, and the boyfriend blew her off...Yep. That's what happened.

Christina wanted to see "Twilight: The Movie" the weekend that it opened, and the boyfriend said...yah, no. That caused a massive panic in Christina's life.

"Ornelas advised that she was extremely upset with her boyfriend because she did not see the movie Twilight like they were supposed to." - Kendall County Police

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A movie. A drunk teen. A DUI.

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