Growing up most of us were told to never drive through standing water when there is a flood. Especially if there is a waterway nearby. You just never know how strong the current is going to get. Some people that have tried have ended up stranded and being rescued or even worse. I thought that most people knew about this. Well one Illinois school bus driver in Monmouth obviously didn't get the memo according to, And parents are not happy, nor should they be.

The worst part was that the bus driver did it with a load of children on board. In the video you can see it all go down. Personally, if one of my children were on that bus, the school wouldn't stop hearing from me until they hired a new bus driver for that route. A  woman was in her yard recording footage of the flood and then she said the bus try to push on through. They said the water was so deep there that it touched the bottom of the stop signs attached to the bus. It was so bad at that intersection, another car stalled out there Wednesday.  No one was hurt in the incident but this should have never happened.

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