Am I alone in recently becoming fascinated with our nation's national bird, the bald eagle?

I've been lucky enough to see one up close on a few occasions which might be why I'm borderline obsessed.

And, earlier this week, we learned hunters' are putting these birds at extreme risk. In short, not properly disposing of animal remains from hunting is leading to lead posing in bald eagles. It's occurring at an astounding pace.

In more positive and educational news,

it isn't uncommon to spot nesting bald eagles throughout Illinois. According to Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge (Stewards UMRR), eagles in Illinois tend to begin nest building in November and/or December.

These nests and range from 4-5 feet wide and 2-4 feet deep, but the US Fish and Wildlife Service says an eagle's nest could be as big as 10 feet wide a weigh a thousand pounds. These majestic birds usually lay their eggs from early January into mid-February.

Aerial View of the Inside of a Bald Eagle's Nest

This news chopper team in Chicago deserves some sort of award  because his camera view is spectacular. This is some National Geographic-like video footage.

Best Places for Eagle Spotting in Illinois

If the above camera footage makes you want to try and spot on of these beautiful birds with your own eyes, there are plenty of great places to do so or at least attempt to. There are spots in Alton, Galena, Oglesby, Peoria, and Rock Islands and you can find specific locations and such here.

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