If you say something is dreadful, according to the Collins Dictionary it means that it's "very bad or unpleasant, or very poor in quality."

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What cities in America have you visited that are very bad or unpleasant? Is there a town or village in Illinois that comes to mind when you think of "poor in quality?"

Here are Some of the World's Most Dreadful Cities to Visit

According to a ranking from the Impulse Traveler, there are a couple of international cities that they have considered "dreadful"  and they are:


According to the Impulse Traveler, some who have visited Karachi said they had guards with AK-47s protecting their travel group.


Barcelona seems like it would be a dream to visit, but according to a Reddit post, it was dreadful because of how dirty the streets were, and the travelers were apparently "pestered by street traders on the beach every four seconds and offered drugs every 20 yards," according to the MSN article.

What U.S. Cities Are the Most Dreadful to Visit

From the lack of amenities to high crime rates, some of these American cities are top tourist destinations, while others are little towns where most travelers will only stop for gas.


Besides being known for having a resident who is considered the "most racist man," Zinc was also described by one traveler as being like a "movie set for House of WaxChildren of the Corn, and Deliverance all in one place."


One traveler described Myrtle Beach as "like the going out of business K-Mart of beaches."


On Reddit, one visitor described Atlantic City as "like a post-apocalyptic hellscape with a beach."


Called a "black hole" by one visitor on Reddit, and another said of being there: "No one can handle infrastructure, politicians suck, and the weather is enough to give you whiplash."


According to the MSN article, one visitor to East St. Louis said they witnessed a drug deal at a gas station, and while waiting at a stoplight a man high on drugs walked up to their car and sat on the hood.

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