Did you know Illinois could have money that rightfully belongs to you? It's true!

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About once a year the Illinois Comptroller's reminds residents that they have unclaimed cash waiting to be claimed. In fact, their website says there is $30 million in unclaimed checks waiting to be cashed. $30,000,000?! That's an incredible amount money to just be floating around. The state might have more things of value that may belong to you, too.

The Illinois State Treasurer may have even more money waiting to go into your pocket.

The State Treasurer is holding 2.5 billion dollars in unclaimed funds for Illinoisans. The State holds these lost funds until they are claimed by either the original owner or their heirs. Property is returned at no cost with the proper identification.

What counts as 'unclaimed property'? According to their website,

  • Checking / Savings Accounts
  • Uncashed Wage / Payroll Checks
  • Uncashed Stock Dividends / Stock Certificates
  • Insurance Payments
  • Utility Deposits
  • Customer Deposits
  • Accounts Payable
  • Credit Balances
  • Refund Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Traveler’s Checks
  • Mineral Proceeds
  • Court Deposits
  • Uncashed Death Benefit Checks / Life Insurance Proceeds.

I encourage you to scope out both websites to see if there is anything owed to you. I just learned I'm owed a cashier's check for $21.98, through IL State Treasury. It's not a lot but it'll almost get me a tank of gas.

Of course, there are few extra steps in order to claim your property but it's always a good to find extra money that belongs to you.

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