Two all beef patties, special sauce and no pants...Chicagoist

McDonalds Opening
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What seems funny at 2am, probably isn't...But this couple thought it was hilarious. Paul Kosur of El Paso and Megan Gutierrez Galesburg, Illinois got hungry for McDonalds at 2am and decided to hit up the drive their birthday suits. I'm totally sure drugs and alcohol had NOTHING to do with this brilliant idea.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images
Joe Raedle, Getty Images

When cops arrived, the two were in the parking lot...struggling to put their clothes back on and trying to cover up with a blanket. Just McDon't...The two were charged with Public Indecency and didn't get their Happy Meals either.

McDonalds To Offer Its Breakfast Menu All Day Long
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Image the shock when the drive thru employee went to accept their payment for their food and the two were in the McNude. All nuggets and McMuffins exposed. Ewwww....

I guess the whole "no shirts no shoes no service" sign wasn't lit, or it was just ignored. Wait, does that policy apply to the drive thru lane? Why am I overthinking this...Just keep your McPants on.

Well the two were charged and ordered to appear in front of a judge, fully dressed I hope. Maybe the judge has an extra couple robes for the two.

The couple admitted that their "idea" maybe wasn't their best one...But were laughing and thinking it was pretty funny. So, so....McFunny.

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