This proposal will make all the girls say "awww... how romantic" and for you guys, well let's just say you're gonna have to step up your proposal game. Watch how this Illinois man made an epic proposal to his girlfriend that took over a year in the making.

Josh Schmizt from Chicago's South Loop, as featured by DNAInfo , took a year in planning out how he was going to propose to his girlfriend Danielle, by using their white board that they would leave messages for each other on.

Josh videoed a quick message everyday to Danielle to tell her how special she was to him up until this past Friday, August 19th, when he popped the question.



So what was Danielle's answer?

Well I think this picture speaks for itself.


WOW! Josh, you really knocked it out of the park on that one.

See ladies I told you you'd get the warm fuzzies and gush over this proposal.

Guys, now you know you've got a job to do to capture your lady's heart. I believe Josh just raised the bar to whole 'nother level.

Congratulations Josh and Danielle! Thanks for sharing your proposal journey with us.