Timothy Snyder has been charged with breaking into TWO different apartments looking for beer. Apartment number one, dude went right for the fridge and when there was no beer... he ended up punching a guy. Apartment number two got a bit more violent as he stabbed a man in the BACK with a corkscrew! The stabbing resulted in the man having to get 28 staples, and 25 stitches. Yikes, man! Guess the Chicago man wanted a beer, and bad. Huffpost.


Want to know if you have a drinking problem? If you want a beer SO BAD that you will break into another person's home...for a beer...and HURT THEM over it, yah...you have issues.

Beer Breweries packaging Bottles with cap close up

When the cops showed up, this dude was hammered and smelled like booze. As you could probably already guess, Timothy had some previous convictions on his record. He was busted in the past for aggravated battery and domestic battery. Now throw on two counts of home invasion and two more counts of aggravated battery...and still no beer.

Beer glass on a bar.

Check this out. Timmy was a little pissed off...and talking like a pro wrestler cutting a promo on the guy he was gonna wrestle.

“I live in the district ... I’m going to kill your ass — you can’t lock me up forever.” - Timothy Snyder

Wow, bro wants a beer!


Here's the timing on this, 4am. What's mom's rule of thumb?? Nothing good happens after midnight? Well I guess stealing beer at 4am is a whole different level.

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