For his daughter's dog, a man in Illinois digs out a race track from the snow.

My family and I are huge animal lovers. I have owned a pet since I was a very young child. Growing up, we had Alaska Malamutes. They are a kind of sled dog. In fact, when I was little my dad would have them pull me on a sled down the block when there was enough snow on the ground. They loved being outside, especially, in the winter. We had to basically forced them to come inside. They would bury themselves in the snow.

Malamutes are pretty big dogs, so they did not have any trouble getting around in the yard after there was a big snow. I remember a couple of winters, there was so much snow it was above the chainlink fence. The dogs would walk along the edge of the property, Luckily, they would not take off. We were fortunate that our pets would get plenty of exercise, even in the bad weather.

I know people who own small dogs. I always feel sorry for the little ones in the winter. Most of them do not even want to get off the porch. I do not blame them. First of all, it is so cold for their tiny bodies. Plus, when the snow starts piling up, they can not get through the yard. They are basically stuck on a shoveled sidewalk.

My friend and regular on my show, Comedian Jimmy McHugh, came up with a great idea. Unfortunately, with all the COVID restrictions there are not a lot of live comedy shows going on right now. He has been doing different things to keep himself busy including shoveling snow for family and friends. There has been definitely enough of it this year.

Last week he was over at his daughter and son-in-law's house, clearing the snow. His daughter owns a little dog and she was having issues getting around the yard. Jimmy had some extra time and a little bit of motivation. He decided that it would be a fun idea to dig out a race track in the snow for the dog. He sent me a video of it. It is really cool, so check it out now.

Video: Doggy Snow Race Track In Illinois

That is so cool. What a lucky dog.

Here is a photo of the track.

Doggy Snow Track
Doggy Snow Track

Here is the happy dog. Her name is Olive.

Olive The Happy Dog
Olive The Happy Dog

I think Jimmy might want to start doing this as a seasonal job. I believe many dog owners would appreciate this service.

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