Car repair bills can really hurt a budget, and a new survey has found that the hurt is even worse for Illinois drivers because our state is the 9th most expensive place for car repairs in the nation. Ouch!

According to WTVO/WQRF, the RepairPal Institute has revealed that Illinois drivers pay about $1,215 on average per year for car repairs most commonly on brake pad replacements, water pump and alternator repairs.

Here's the Top 10 Most Expensive States for Auto Repair:

  1. Alaska ($1,374)
  2. Michigan ($1,289)
  3. Connecticut ($1,271)
  4. Massachusetts ($1.246)
  5. Missouri ($1.226)
  6. New Hampshire ($1,225)
  7. Nevada ($1,224)
  8. Washington ($1,220)
  9. Illinois ($1,215)
  10. Pennsylvania ($1,214)

Wisconsin made the list at number 21 with $1,182 in average yearly repair costs. Perhaps those savings are worth a trip across the border if your car is able?


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