Illinois, believe it or not is not just the land of Lincoln but the land of love too.

Our state landed in the top ten of states to finding your soulmate.

No I'm not kidding.

According to a survey done by Wallethubthe top states to find the love of your life is as follows.

1. California

2. Florida

3. New York

4. Texas

5. Pennsylvania

6. Wisconsin

7. Massachusettes

8. Illinois

9. Ohio

10. Arizona

Oh and by the way the worst state for finding your special someone is Arkansas.

How Wallethub conducted this study was by analyzing several different facets including " the share of single adults; ratio of single women to single men; online and mobile dating opportunities; online dating safety; average beer and wine price; movie, beauty-salon and haircut cost; housing affordability; job growth rate; unemployment rate for the single population; restaurants, fitness and rec facilities, movie theaters and music festivals per capita; number of attractions like museums and cultural performances."

To see the complete list of all 50 states and where they line up in finding your significant other, click here.

Well at least that's something Illinois is good for. You know, at least you can find love among everything else this state has been and is known for.

I know I'm a hopeless romantic, but this gives me the feels.

My advice is this, if you're single, don't give up your love is waiting to be discovered right here in Illinois.

Hmmm... maybe we need to change our state's slogan?





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