It's no secret that there is a rivalry between the Cubs and Brewers, but I think they've gone a step too far.

They want to keep Cub fans out of Miller Park.

Wait a minute. That doesn't seem very nice or sportsmanship-like to do to paying baseball fans.

Apparently, the Brewers will square off with the Cubs for a matter of 10 games this upcoming season at Miller Park and the stadium is making it difficult for Cub fans to score tickets.

They "announced that they will be doing a special presale for tickets to Cubs-Brewers game at the ballpark this season, and it will only be open to Wisconsin residents." (NBC Chicago)

No I'm not kidding. Check out their tweet:

Wow! Really??

Hmmm... this seems very familiar. Remember when the Predators tried those tactics with the Blackhawks not to long ago.

I don't know about you, but i think that's really cruddy of the Brewers. Turning down good paying customers because of the team they support.

Honestly, they should be grateful to get the money and know their stadium seats are being filled. That's just my opinion.



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