There must be something in the water at this Illinois high school.

They've set not just one, but two world records!

ABC7 reports that New Trier high School in Winnetka has made the Guinness world records twice because of how many sets of multiples they have enrolled in school.

The sophomore class at New Trier has "44 sets of twins and one set of triplets."

The sophomore class is "just over 1000 students, [yet] this group of 91 exceeds the national average for multiples by nearly three times."

That's just crazy to think about.

That means, roughly, "about 10 percent of the sophomore class is comprised of multiples."

Wow! That is a lot of multiple look a likes running around that school. Let alone having that many in one class.


By the way, the two Guinness World Records that the New Trier sophomore class set are for the "Most Twins and Most Multiples in a Single Academic Year at One School."

They broke the former record, held by another Illinois school, Highcrest Middle School, in Wilmette. The Wilmette school had 24 sets of multiples in a single academic year. New Trier beat that by over 50%, with 45 sets of multiples.

This just boggles my mind. Doesn't it you?

Honestly, I don't think I've heard of school having that many sets of twins. I vaguely remember 2 pairs of twins when I was in high school and they weren't in the same grade.

Just what are they eating in Winnetka? Or is there something in the water to have this phenomenon happen?







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