The flu is running rampant through Illinois. It's so bad that it closed another Illinois school.

Yikes! That's the third school in the last two and half to three weeks to close over illness.

This winter has been really bad with the flu. It seems like it keeps getting worse as it spreads it's germie tentacles throughout our state.

It's so bad that it has closed another Illinois school this week in Aurora.

ABC7 reports that "Holy Angels Catholic School has canceled classes to try and minimize exposure to the virus."

Over a quarter of the schools attendance was out sick with the flu. According to the school's principal, Tonya Forbes, she said that "This morning [they] started off with 113 gone. We had another 13 gone by the end of the day." Wow!

The school opted to close and cancel classes for the rest of the week in order to keep the kids safe from either contracting the flu or [for those who've had it] spreading the virus to others.

I'm surprised but grateful, knock on wood, that we haven't received reports of schools here in Rockford closing due to a flu epidemic.

The most important thing is to remember the "3 C's to fight the flu": Clean, Cover, Contain.

Click here to learn more about the 3 C's.

I'm really tired of this season. Winter + the flu = Sucks big time.

It's time for both of them to pack their bags and go, they have overstayed their welcome.

Don't you agree.








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