Oh boy! This isn't good.

Our lovely state of Illinois is actually deeper in debt that what it was originally thought to be.

According to this report by WTVO ,"State Comptroller Leslie Munger said the state could owe $10 billion by the end of June."

YIKES! That's a lot of money to be owing our federal institutions, schools, parks, and the like.

No wonder Kishwaukee Community College had to layoff employees, why several food pantries are working on limited hours and bare bones and schools are scrimping by.

Why all of this debt? Well it's because of the budget crisis, or rather lack of a budget. This is unbelievable. It's been nine months.

Seriously, Our state government, governor and it's constituents need to stop acting like spoiled children and get over themselves.

Sorry but this really irks me. Springfield is acting like over grown babies not getting their way while the rest of us in the state have to suffer. The gap just keeps getting wider and  deeper with more money lost everyday.



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