These days it seems there is a new scam we need to be aware of every day. The number of sketchy emails, phone calls, and texts I get each week is quite alarming, and I have trained myself to ignore them all. Every once in a while I get one that seems legit enough that it almost convinces me to follow through on it, but then I see warnings like this from fellow Rockfordians, and I remember; scammers are everywhere.

I was perusing through my Nextdoor app yesterday when I saw a neighbor post a heads up that I thought I better share with you too. It said;

I received an official looking text from Xfinity saying they are cancelling my service and account if I don't update my personal information immediately.

The post goes on to say that he stopped by an Xfinity store to ask about the text he received, and staff confirmed it was not sent by them and that it was a scam.

If you really want to boggle your mind and stay up to date with the most prevalent scams happening in the 815, here is the top 10 riskiest scams list according to and Rockford's Better Business Bureau:

  1. Online Purchase (Top item – Pets)
  2. Employment Scams
  3. Fake Checks (Really risky for younger demos)
  4. Advance Fee Loan
  5. Home Improvement
  6. Romance Scams (New to the list this year – mostly likely because of COVID)
  7. Cryptocurrency
  8. Tech Support
  9. Travel- Vacation Scams
  10. Investment Scams

Stay safe and be smart, everybody!

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