Now that Thanksgiving has passed we all look forward to next holiday celebration. Christmas and New Years.

However, travel costs for those two weeks can be quite pricy.

Want to know how you can actually save money on you next Holiday travel?Check this list out from They complied a list of strategies to save on your next holiday venture.

For instance, when purchasing air fare, show for the low demand flights. Select the early morning, late night or over night (red-eye) flights. Always book on a Monday or Tuesday, these flights are posted after the airlines have slated their high demand flight times. Also try to use smaller airports, and low cost carriers like Frontier, Allegiant, and the like.

If you can't afford airfare, traveling by car is option. With gas estimated to stay hovering at the $3 a gallon mark through the holidays it will make the cost per person, if traveling with a family, fairly low.

Also, Go Baking Rates suggest instead getting hotel rooms,if your not staying with family or friends, to consider renting a house for your vacation time away.

For more great ideas visit their link:


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