The most expensive marijuana in the United States is in Illinois.

I know it seems like a long time ago now but think back to January 1st. Remember while you were sleeping in your warm house recovering from a New Year's Eve hangover, several people waited in line out in the cold winter weather for many hours for the opportunity to purchase recreational cannabis legally for the first time in history in the state of Illinois.

I know I thought it was crazy at the time. I had in was a fad but those lines wouldn't go away for several weeks. I had a few friends that mentioned something like, "don't those people have someone or are they all new to the pot world." Meaning don't they have a supplier in the black market."

Of course, leave it up to Illinois to screw it up. There wasn't enough weed to sell in an insufficient amount of dispensaries in the state. Supply didn't come close to covering demand. I knew it was going to be popular. I don't think anyone could predict it would be that huge. Each month, the sales numbers are broken again. The government promised to add more licenses to help but it hasn't happened quite yet. The pandemic hasn't helped the situation.

The issue has gotten a little bit better. For the most part, the lines are gone. The shelves are stocked with products. There's still one problem and it's keeping some people away from the legal route. That's the price. It's not cheap to buy legal weed in Illinois. How expensive is it?

According to,

"According to industry analysts, Illinois has the most expensive weed in the country. Budzu, a crowdsourcing site that tracks the price of cannabis, says the average cost for an eighth of an ounce is roughly $62. In Colorado, the same amount costs around $33."

That's without even talking about the high taxes passed on to the citizens. If you look at the numbers, it definitely hasn't affected sales. Customers are still buying up everything available. There are no "Blue Light Specials" needed to get rid of stock overages. The dispensaries blame the growers who in turn say the prices are fair.

The prediction of the future from the experts...

“Once we have more retail locations open and once there is a more robust supply, I definitely think you’re going to see prices come down.”

Only time will tell but one thing is for sure. No matter what, marijuana is good business in Illinois.


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