Illinois Drivers Have Most Fatal Crashes in These 3 Brands

According to this new study, the odds you'll die in an automobile crash are significantly higher if you are behind the wheel of this brand of vehicle.

Using over 10 years of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), used crash information to determine which brand of vehicle was involved in the most crashes that involved a fatality.

These 3 Car Brands Have the Most Fatal Crashes in the Midwestern States

Using NHTSA data from 2011 through 2020, GlassDoctor ranked the best and worst automobile brands for surviving a crash, and all of the states in the midwest had an identical Top 3 "least safe" brands:

  • Illinois: 1st - Dodge, 2nd - Buick, 3rd - Chrysler

  • Wisconsin: 1st - Buick, 2nd - Dodge, 3rd - Chrysler

  • Iowa: 1st - Buick, 2nd - Dodge, 3rd - Chrysler

  • Indiana: 1st - Dodge, 2nd - Buick, 3rd - Chrysler

  • Michigan: 1st - Buick, 2nd - Chrysler, 3rd - Dodge


According to this study, Dodge has the most fatal crashes of any other car brand.

Other brands worth noting include Buick and GMC. Buick appears on the top three list of brands with the most fatal crashes in 23 of the 50 U.S. states. Similarly, GMC is in the top three for 10 U.S. states. -GlassDoctor

Which Car Brands Are the Safest in Illinois and Wisconsin?

The car brands that are safest in the Land of Lincoln are:

  1. Subaru
  2. Audi
  3. Mercedes-Benz

In the Dairy State, the safest brands are:

  1. Mercedes-Benz
  2. Subaru
  3. Lexus

Given the national statistics, it should come as no surprise that Subaru, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz are the top three car brands that appear repeatedly in the first, second, and third rankings of the safest cars.

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