The annual 'Best Cities' rankings from Resonance have been released, and some of the towns that made the list may surprise you, while others are right where you'd expect.

Top 100 Best Cities in the World

Before you see the list of America's Best Cities, how many U.S. towns made the World's Best list?

In their 2024 Top 100 ranking, here are the World's Top 5 Best Cities:

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. New York
  4. Tokyo
  5. Singapore

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3 of America's Top 40 Best Cities are Just a Short Drive Away

The ranking of Top 100 Best Cities in America has been released for 2024 and it's not going to be a complete surprise to find out which Illinois city was ranked near the top for Best City in America.

Chicago ranked #2 Best City in America, and according to current Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson, the reason for a high ranking was due to the city's "access to diverse talent, global connectivity, and the city’s strong infrastructure."

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For 11 years, Chicago has been ranked "a top metropolitan area for selection and corporate relocation," according to Mayor Johnson.

Recently ranked one of the Best 17 City Skylines in the World, the city of Milwaukee was also named the 36th Best City in America in part because of its "offering economic opportunity courtesy of its Fortune 500 companies (#24) and urban authenticity with big-city excitement."

Madison, Wisconsin also made the Top 40 Best Cities in America at #39 due to "livability, job creation, and millennial magnetism,"

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