There's a Chicago family that has been creeped out, for decades...and the scary still happens today.

Let's start with the description on this monster, which is absolutely insane to begin with...With years of being followed, stalked, and creeped out by this creature this is what they have come up with:

  • Seven Foot Tall
  • Wing Span Six Feet or so
  • Goblin-like face and ears with bat-like wings
  • Dark brown or black in color
  • Arms are NOT connected to wings
  • Claw Like Feet
  • Long Tail that is pointy
  • Really fast


Now that we sorta know what we are looking at or for, here is some of this ridiculous time line that dates back to the 1970's....

These are locations in the Chicago area that this family has spotted this seven foot tall, winged humanoid...OMG check this out:


  • Racine Street, Chicago 1970
  • 1751 W. Berwyn St, Chicago 1970-1974 (several sightings)Lake Michigan while fishing on shoreline, northern Indiana 1977

    Ravenswood Hospital, Chicago 1978 & 1979

(skip into the 80's)

  • Des Plaines, Illinois 1980
  • Lake Michigan 1981

(now the creature travels with the family???)

  • Orint Hill, WV 1985
  • Statesville, NC 1987-2017 (several sightings)
  • Cabin in Pigeon Forge, TN in July 2017

People tell ghost stories, but this family says this beastly figure followed them from Illinois to West Virginia and North Carolina?? Either they are really good story tellers or this family is cursed.

The family claims this "shapeshifter" can do just times this "thing"  can appear more moth and bat like...It also has been inside several homes that the family has owned over the years. It doesn't like dogs, and has a musty smell to it.

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