A man from Wheaton, Illinois is really taking the whole protective Dad thing to the extreme, and I don't think I could handle something like this as graciously as his daughter is.

An ad titled "Son-In-Law, Wheaton, IL" was published in the March 2016 issue of Christianity Today, but has since been removed from the publication's website. Why you ask? Basically, because the father was trying to market his daughter, and that's "demeaning in this day and age", or at least that is what ChristianityToday's editor Mark Galli recently told the Chicago Tribune.

In the ad, the father described his daughter as; " a godly, gorgeous, athletic, educated, careered, humorous, travelled and bi-lingual 26-year-old virgin." He also said prospective suitors would be "unworthy, but becoming less so daily."

According to the Chicago Tribune, the man's virginal daughter was not aware of this ad until it had been printed, although she admitted her father had mentioned he intended to play the role of matchmaker. She has written about the incident in her online blog, and says after she confronted her Dad about the ad, he apologized profusely, and then they had a good laugh about it. She jokes and says she is only worried now that a billboard ad may be next.

She must be a better woman than I, because I would for sure have made my Dad walk through Hell before I laughed about him doing something like this. How would you handle it?




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