The person in charge of paying the the bills for our cash strapped state just spent $32,000 of your tax money on a new SUV for her office and staff.

As the state of Illinois months behind paying it's bills, and legislators are talking about raising your income tax by 33%, this is one of those things that makes you do a double take.

Illinois Comptroller Spends $32,000 of Taxpayer Money on a New SUV
Illinois Comptroller Suzanne Mendoza / IllinoisComptroller.Gov photo

Suzana Mendoza (D) was elected in November to position of Illinois Comptroller, replacing Leslie Munger (R). The Illinois comptroller's is in charge of the state's checkbook and writing to checks to vendors who do business in Illinois. Many vendors have not been paid by the state in over a year and half. The state is over $11 billion behind in paying it's bills.

The State-Journal Register reports that shortly after taking office, Mendoza bought the 2016 Ford Explorer from a car dealer ship in central Illinois and paid for it in full in January.

Mendoza's office said the money came from an administrative fund that's not used to pay state bills and isn't related to the bill backlog.

Really? Illinois Social service agencies are also owed money.

The irony here is that Mendoza  has repeatedly blasted Illinois Gov Rauner as being responsible for Illinois' ongoing budget deadlock.

Only in Illinois.


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