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From WGN Caterpillar skid steers are set up in a real life Pac-Man game in Edwards, IL as Caterpillar celebrates its 95th Anniversary.

This 200 x  200 Pac-man maze is complete with all the classic characters and game play, this is pretty freaking awesome. The detail on the layout is ridiculous and pretty spot on. The hard hats worn represent the different ghost characters. This next level technology celebrates not only the 95th Anniversary of Peoria's company, but the 40th Anniversary of this legendary video game.

“We were able to upload the iconic game board via GPS to our machines. When you look at the overlay of the virtual board on the real board, it’s a 99% accuracy, and with 151 corners in it, that’s pretty impressive.” Archie Lyons 

Check out this incredible video of real life Pac-Man being played on a 200 x 200 maze here in Illinois:


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