What's your favorite burger topping? Cheese? Mayo? Bacon? Peanut Butter? Wait peanut butter? Ok. I have something for you, then!

There's a chance you've been going to dinner more often lately... or maybe it's just me. But I definitely have been hitting the restaurants hard... including my most recent stop at Baker Street Burgers in the Edgebrook center in Rockford.

Ok so my friend Sierra and I decided to head to Baker Street Burgers because we were really feeling comfort food vibes and we succeeded... to the max actually.

We started with their cheese curds, which are a little lighter in color than some other curds I've had in town but they were just as delicious.


They are served with two different sauces that I started mixing together.

We also had the most fall dessert of all time. The salted caramel brownie with ice cream. Highly recommend.


In between those two courses we ordered our entrees, I have the chicken BLT melt and Sierra went for the unique-st item available, the Sriracha Peanut Butter burger.

Technically it's called the 'Spicy Peanut Butter & Bacon Burger,' and it's a combo of sriracha peanut butter, bacon, colby cheese and pickles.


She said it was a risky choice but she loved it.

I don't eat peanut butter so I can only vouch for my, also delicious sandwich.


Have you ever had peanut butter on a burger?

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