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Blood donation centers through out Illinois need our help. They are dealing with a blood supply shortage  and it's the worst the state has ever seen.

Blood it's not something we typically think about or even really want to. However, it is something that can literally save yours and my life in an emergency.

WGN reports that although a drop in donations after the summer holiday is typically common. this summer it's drastically low as in a shortage statewide to help supply hospitals for those auto, motorcycle and other injuries that tend to rise during the summer months as more people are out and about.

The biggest shortage in the blood centers are for types O Negative and O Positive. Those are the universal bloods to help replenish patients with A, B, AB positive or negative blood.

Wow! I'm O Positive and had no idea how short the supply was.

At the beginning of the month the Rock River Valley Blood Center here in Rockford was in need of donations before the 4th of July holiday. they were in need of both whole blood (all types) and platelet donors as well. And a few weeks prior to that they were asking for O Negative blood donors to replenish their supply.

RRVBC's site states that to donate blood it only takes about an hour and anyone over the age of 17 that weighs at least 110 pounds and is in good health can donate.

Hmmm, ok. You know I've never in my life donated blood. I've given blood for medical tests but never made a trip to physically give blood to help save lives. I'm thinking I am way over due to give back and basically pay it forward for a person that one day will be in need of it.

By the way, there are several places to donate to help erase the state's deficit. Visit any one of the four community centers based in Rockford, Belvidere, Freeport or any mobile blood drives you see around the stateline. Plus you can visit www.rrvcb.org to get hours, locations and where mobile blood drives will be taken place as well.


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