In light of the bad news we "Illinoisans" received over the 32% tax hike, I came across a list that quite honestly troubles me about our state.

Here are 10 bad facts you may not want to admit or like about our state. On the flip-side, here are 10 things that I feel are good about our state.

According to Only In Your State, they came up with a list of 10 things that make the dark cloud over this state, seem well even darker.

Have I peaked your morbid curiosity?

OK, here it goes.

1. Illinois is the 2nd worst run state in the country. Boo. I think we all kind of knew or know that now.

2. 1 out of 4 Illinoisians think Illinois is the worst state to live in. To be honest I've had several conversations with family and friends who have said this exact thing.

3. Illinois tax payers pay at least two and a half times in taxes (this was even before the recent tax hike voted in last week.)

4. Illinois lands at #49 as a good place to conduct business. Really? Yeeks! No Bueno.

5. Illinois comes in as last of all our states for having access to child care for working families. Although, I'm single I see my friends with children struggle all the time with this.

6. Illinois' schools have the biggest gap for funding as well. Well, not having a state budget for over two years hasn't helped our cause either.

7. Illinois has the worst fiscal health in our country. Wow! I didn't know this.

8. More people are moving out of Illinois than any other state. I can't say that I blame them can you?

9. We have had four, count em, four governor's who are or have served time in prison. How's that for a big black eye? That's something to be proud of. NOT!

10. About 65% of our roads are labeled as in good condition. Again, we can blame not having a budget for over two years didn't help in this process.

Ugh! I don't like reading this, but I hate to say I do agree with most on this list.

But let's turn this around what are the good things about living in Illinois?

For me, I'd have to say there's a few.

1. We have the Chicago Cubs. Through thick and thin we've stuck with them and they finally won the World Series! We knew they would do it. They never gave up. Let that be a lesson that we shouldn't either on this state.

2. We have the dynasty of the Chicago Blackhawks that prove that they never give up either. They've won the Stanley Cup several times. And, happy day, Patrick Sharp is rejoining the dream team again. How exciting. I think I smell a Stanley Cup win coming!

3. We have a lot of farmland. Do you know when I lived in Tennessee I missed seeing the fields of corn waving in the breeze. I really did.

4. We have deep dish pizza. No state can compare with our tasty deep dish Chicago style pizza. Sorry floppy New York City. Your fold over pizza just isn't the same.

5. We have beautiful state parks to visit. Starved Rock, Rock Cut, Lowden State Park, and more.

6. We have a great wine trail to enjoy delicious wines. Some of them are even close by like DC Estate Winery and McEachran's Homestead.

7. Galena. Beautiful. Need I say more?

8. Chicago. Tons of stuff to do and always a good time.

9. Our state is home to many yummy treats like Twinkies, Old Salty's, Mrs. Fisher's and Mrs. Mike's potato chips, Tootsie Rolls, Sara Lee, Wrigley's gum, Dove ice Cream bars, Eli's Cheesecake, Brach's candies and more.

10. Cutie Brett Eldredge is from here. Paris, IL you've done our state proud.

Those are just 10 things I came up with right now. The more I think about it there's so much more I could add.

What would you add to the good list of being in Illinois?






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