Illinois and Wisconsin are two states with a lot of land and a lot of nature. Rockford, Illinois isn't dubbed the forest city for kicks and grins. In Wisconsin (a.k.a "up north"), many families in the midwest make trips to cabins and lakes. Between the two states, there is a lot of wildlife. Unfortunately, this means there are bound to be vehicle vs. animal accidents.

Of the top states in the U.S., which do you think has more animal-related collisions? Illinois or Wisconsin?

Can you guess what animal is most likely to get hit by a car? The percentage is astounding. According to Havahart, the animal most commonly hit on the road is the deer. Bambi's family accounts for over 70% of animals hit by vehicles across all 50 states.


There is a bit of good news for the animal kingdom though. From July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022, there was a decrease in Illinois animal collisions by 2%. (Hey, a little change is better than nothing.)

State Farm (maybe Jake) shared some tips to avoid blasting an animal into smithereens with your car. This includes slowing down, scanning the road, using extra caution when driving in animal crossing zones, and using your high beams at night.

Kristi Higgins via Facebook
Kristi Higgins via Facebook

(The above photo is real and happened in Illinois.)

What months do most animal collisions occur and in which states are the most reported?

To no surprise, most animal/vehicle accidents occur during the final few months of the year, December (#3), October (#2), and November (#1).

What I found most surprising is where Wisconsin landed on the list of states with the most animal collision claims, based on State Farm's numbers. America's Dairyland didn't even make the top 10. Illinois, on the other hand, sits at #4 behind Georgia (#3), Michigan (#2), and Pennsylvania (#1). Find the full list here.

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