This is not new news by any means. Writing 500+ articles a year, I can tell you the number of people who comment on articles shared on Facebook without reading the actual article is astounding, borderline absurd to say the least.

It's not just comments on this radio station's Facebook either, it's other local news sources, national news outlets, etc.


This is especially the case if the article headline appears to reveal the entire article in a short amount of words. People read the headline and assume they know the story.

If you're scratching your head wondering, "Does this schmuck have proof to back up his claim?" The answer is 100% yes.

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Now, I will agree that one example isn't always enough to back an argument, but in this case, it absolutely is enough.


I could individually use the News Break app or "local" sources or even this very station's social media platform as an example but to spare you a few more minutes I'll lump them all into one example. And, yes, there's an Illinois tie-in.

It's So Cringe

I saw a headline that caught my eye while I was doom-scrolling.

BREAKING: Body found behind Byron City Hall

It was enough for me to stop and give it a quick click. As a Byron, Illinois resident, I thought, "Oh, $%^&. How did I not hear about this?"

I read the story and quickly moved on like nothing ever happened. It wasn't that I'm an emotionless human desensitized but all the murder reports in Illinois, it's because of what was inside the article. All I needed was the first line in the body of the article

The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office says a body has been found in tall grass behind Byron City Hall.

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Oh, ok. Olmstead County isn't where I live, it's in Olmstead County in Minnesota.


The Title Doesn't Tell It All

Although the picture of Byron, MN's city hall looks different than Byron, Illinois' city hall AND photos of the sheriff's vehicles weren't from Ogle County, that didn't stop people in Illinois from sharing the article.

"Does anybody know more about the body found in Byron beyond city hall?" one person shared.

That wasn't the only time I saw someone share or comment on this story as if it were an Illinois story.

This isn't even the first time I've seen someone share or comment on an article unrelated to the Land of Lincoln. It happens all the time.

Why? Because people don't read... and this can lead to the spread of misinformation.

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